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Affordable Housing


This page provides information about resources available to help find affordable housing and resolve issues around affordable housing in San Mateo County. Affordable housing in the County primarily serves households that are low, very low, or extremely low income. To understand the meaning of these terms, please refer to the section below on Income Limits.

Housing Resource Guide

The City has prepared a Housing Resource Guide that gathers information from a variety of sources to help with a variety of housing needs, including: finding affordable housing for families and seniors, finding emergency housing, and resolving landlord tenant issues. Remember that we have a severe shortage of affordable housing in the County, so be prepared to make lots of phone calls and join multiple waiting lists to get into housing.

San Mateo County Department of Housing

Housing & Community Development (HCD) of the San Mateo County Department of Housing assists very low, low and moderate income residents through financing and community development in order to stabilize and improve their quality of life. HCD's website is an excellent source of information for affordable housing and services in the County. is a resource to help you find a home in San Mateo County that fits your needs and budget. Property owners and managers throughout the county can post apartments or homes for rent any time, which means that the list is always current.

Income Limits

The San Mateo County Department of Housing annually publishes countywide Income and Rent limits adjusted by household size. The income limits are established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the State of California. In order to qualify for affordable housing, your household must not exceed the income limit that corresponds to the family size (number of residents) of your household. Visit the San Mateo County “Income & Rent Limits” web page to see what the current income limits are.

Affordable Housing at the Crossing in San Bruno

The Crossing San Bruno includes a total of 1,063 housing units in five residential buildings, including 325 affordable units, as described below. The City does not own or manage the leasing of any housing, including at the Crossing. Please be aware that the affordable units are in great demand, and there is likely to be waiting list for the units.

Archstone I & II Apartments

The Archstone I and II buildings have a total of 485 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, including 97 affordable to households with incomes at 50% of the San Mateo County Median Income adjusted for family size. Please call the leasing office at (650) 589-9100 to find out whether you qualify and how to apply.

Village Senior Apartments

The Village is an apartment complex for persons aged 55 years and over that includes a total of 228 one- and two- bedroom units. The rents are affordable to households with incomes at 60% (187 units), 50% (12 units) and 30% (29 units) of the San Mateo County Median Income. Please call the leasing office at (650) 588-8036 to find out whether you qualify and how to apply.

AB 987 Affordable Housing Database

AB 987 required each Redevelopment Agency to post a database of affordable housing units assisted with the former Redevelopment Agency's Low-Moderate Income Housing Fund on its website. Click HERE to view the 2011 Affordable Housing Database for the former San Bruno Redevelopment Project Area. There have been no changes since 2011.

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