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Business Licenses

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Annual Renewal

In mid-June of each year, the City of San Bruno will prepare and mail a Business Tax Certification Renewal to each businesses. The Renewal forms must be completed and returned, along with the full payment, to Finance Department - Business License Division by August 31 to avoid delinquent charges.

Delinquent fees:

Delinquent charges is calculated as followed:

September 20% of Business License Fee
October 40% of Business License Fee
November 60% of Business License Fee
December 80% of Business License Fee
January 100% of Business License Fee
Business license fee + delinquent charges will be the same as January; thereafter.

DISCLAIMER: Business Tax certificates are issued without verification that the applicant is subject to or exempted from licensing from the State. It does not relieve the applicant from the responsibility of complying with the requirements of any other department of the city and/or any other ordinance, law, or regulation of the City of San Bruno, State of California, or any other governmental agency. Issuance of a certificate does not confirm compliance with planning (zoning), building, or public safety (police and fire) regulations. The applicant is responsible to secure all required permits. The City must be notified of any changes in ownership or address of the business, or any business closures.