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SBCityNet TV is here!  

What is SBCityNet TV?

SB CityNet TV is a whole new way to watch TV as a San Bruno CityNet Services subscriber!  It is all the live TV you want to watch delivered through San Bruno CityNet's internet to your Roku streaming device.   Organized into 4 carefully curated packages, SB CityNet TV is your new and affordable way to watch live TV from your own Internet Service Provider.

How do I begin watching SB CityNet TV?

  • To start, you will need to have a San Bruno CityNet internet subscription.  If you do, you're good to go.  If not, please start with an internet subscription option.  Not sure?  Please call us at 650-616-3100 and our friendly staff will be happy to help you choose the right package
  • Check out our channel line up and decide which package you might like - you can always change your mind! We offer NO CONTRACTS and we never have change fees!
  • Call us at 650-616-3100 to sign up and obtain your log in + authentication code (please keep this private!)
  • Download the SBCityNetTV app from the Roku app store 
  • Enter your login + authentication code 
  • San Bruno CityNet's Live TV's is what's on for your personal and household's pleasure, on up to 5 screens!  (we also have our app in the iOS, Android and Amazon Fire app stores) 

Check out our new TV Channel Line up!

New Rate Card with Package Options


Network DVR Included

Record any program you want for up to 7 days' playback

More Information

Call 650-616-3100 or email us for more information and to start service.