City Manager

Since 1980, the City of San Bruno has operated under the Council-Manager form of government. In accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Code, the City Manager is responsible for preparing and managing the implementation of the City Council's Adopted Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Program budgets which outline the City's annual work program and the five year capital improvement program. The work program balances the cost of providing City services within the available financial resources. 

The City Manager serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the municipal corporation. As such, the City Manager is responsible for the appointment and supervision of all City department heads, for oversight of approximately 260 full-time employees, and all City operations to ensure delivery of high quality City services.

Learn more about the City's annual budget, financial reports, work program and capital improvement program by visiting the Finance Department page.

In addition, the City Manager supports the City Council by guiding the formulation, development and implementation of Council directed policies, programs and projects.


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