A Message from the City Manager

Thank You San Bruno

Your compliance with the Shelter in Place order is helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Slowly we are flattening the curve, and eventually we will be able to resume some sense of normalcy. Until then, I urge you to stay the course and ensure that everyone in your household is informed and taking precautions to protect themselves and others.

Continue to wear a face covering and avoid close contact with others when in public.

I realize this is not easy - staying home and only venturing out for essential necessities and limited recreation is difficult. However, the San Bruno community has rallied together to support one another countless times before. This time, we're just doing it from a distance.

I hope you find this Special COVID-19 Resource Guide helpful. Due to the cancellation of most community programs, the Spring Recreation Guide was not published. Instead, we created this document to provide you with information and resources related to COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place Order.

To our community partners who have provided donations, your generosity is appreciated. To our residents and businesses, let's continue to fight the good fight. Together we will get through this and come out stronger. I encourage you to stay connected and informed by following the City on social media and Channel 1. You truly have the power to make a difference in our community by doing your part.

On behalf of the City of San Bruno, and our entire employee workforce, thank you. We're in this together. #SBCares

Be well and stay healthy, 

Jovan D. Grogan
City Manager
City of San Bruno