San Bruno Fire Department Truck DoorOverview

Greetings from the San Bruno Fire Department! The San Bruno Fire Department is comprised of men and women, all from different backgrounds, who share one common goal: to provide exceptional emergency/non-emergency services to the citizens and visitors of our communities. Formed in 1937, the San Bruno Fire Department (SBFD) provides all-risk services, with members playing integral roles in:

  • Fire suppression
  • Rescue
  • Emergency medicine
  • Operational training
  • Fire prevention and investigation
  • Community education

Our service area encompasses approximately 5.5 square miles and we serve a population of 41,000. For readers not familiar with the area, our jurisdiction is in close proximity to San Francisco International Airport - a stopping ground for thousands of people daily. Our jurisdiction has large wild-land urban interface areas and neighborhoods consisting of single-family homes, multi-residential buildings, retail and business districts, hotels, care facilities, numerous schools, as well as a large industrial area. A commuter railway and three major highways provide travelers with transportation through our jurisdiction.

Staffing & Locations

We maintain two strategically located and professionally staffed fire stations. The Department staffs two fire engines and one ladder truck 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A Battalion Chief oversees all daily operations of SBFD fire units. The Department responds to approximately 3900 calls for service annually.

The top-ranking leader of the Department is the Fire Chief, supported by a command structure of Battalion Chiefs, and Captains. Our personnel are a diverse group, with firefighters trained as apparatus operators, paramedics, as well as a large number trained in Special Operations. We also have members trained in specialty positions including fire inspectors, SWAT paramedics and fire mechanics.

SBFD's Fire Prevention Division, comprised of a Fire Marshal and a fire inspector manage several significant community risk reduction initiatives including annual inspections of businesses and apartment buildings, vegetation and hazard abatement programs, plan review, comprehensive code enforcement activities, and fire investigation.


The Department also produces and delivers numerous programs throughout the community such as citizen CPR training, Citizens' Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, car seat installation and inspection services, a bike helmet program, as well as many other programs intended to promote and teach fire safety and emergency preparedness and overall public safety.

Our members are highly-trained, highly-motivated and prepared to answer the call. We continually strive to exceed the expectations of those we serve.