Emergency Preparedness

The likelihood that you and your family will recover from an emergency tomorrow often depends on the planning and preparation done today. There are several steps that citizens of San Bruno can do to be prepared for the next disaster or emergency. These steps include the following:

Supplemental Materials

The following materials will aid you and your family in preparing for the next unexpected event:

Public Safety Power Shutoff

What can I do to prepare for a Public Safety Power Shutoff? The effects of climate change are making California's wildfire season longer and more intense, threatening our homes, our lives and our economy. That's why it is important to prepare an emergency plan in advance in the event your family is affected by a power shutoff, or any other emergency:

  • Have a personal safety plan in place for every member of your household (including pets)
  • Plan for any medical needs like medications that need to be refrigerated or devices that require power
  • Build or restock your emergency supply kit, including food, water, flashlights, a radio, fresh batteries, first aid supplies and cash
  • Identify backup charging methods for phones
  • Learn how to manually open your garage door
  • If you own a backup generator, ensure it is ready to safely operate
  • To learn more ways to prepare, download our Public Safety Power Shutoff Fact Sheet (PDF)