Emergency Response

Fire Suppression

Panoramic view of the Rocky FireArmed with some of the best training, equipment and personnel, the San Bruno Fire Department (SBFD) provides 24 hour, 365 days a year coverage for the city as well as providing mutual and automatic aid to surrounding cities throughout the county and state. Periodically an engine will respond as part of a Strike Team to help communities at risk from wildland fires statewide.

Stations & Equipment

The San Bruno Fire Department provides coverage throughout the city using two strategically located stations:

Station 51 is centrally located at 555 El Camino Real and serves the residents east of Interstate 280. This station houses Engine 51, Truck 51, and Battalion 16 as well as Fire Prevention staff. Station 51 is staffed daily with 3 personnel per Engine, a Battalion Chief who oversees two stations in San Bruno and two stations in Millbrae. Fire Prevention and Administration staff are available Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Station 52 is located at 1999 Earl Avenue and serves the residents on the west side of Interstate 280. The station houses Engine 52 with three personnel assigned per day.

When an event calls for specialized equipment or more resources, the apparatuses from either station will respond anywhere in the city. Equipment and personnel from other cities may respond to aid in any emergency as part of the San Mateo County Joint Powers Agreement.

Emergency Medical Services

The San Bruno Fire Department responds to all types of medical emergencies including motor vehicle accidents. All members are trained in Basic Life support and/or Advanced Life Support. All apparatus have at least one certified Paramedic trained in Advanced Life Support assigned. As a minimum, non-medic personnel are trained as Emergency Medical technicians (EMTs)

Medical emergencies make up approximately 60% of all calls for service. San Bruno Fire was one of the early adopters of paramedicine in the fire service. The San Bruno Fire Department believes in delivering the best care possible to those in need.

The medicine and equipment that the paramedics and EMTs use are on the cutting edge. Technology such as advanced heart monitors that are capable of measuring electrical heart activity as well as measuring oxygen saturation and exhaled gas saturation help provide information to determine the proper treatment quickly.

Due to the high volume of emergency calls San Bruno Fire receives, SBFD is often a test bed for new and upcoming medical technologies such as automated CPR machines and camera enabled intubation tools. To stay certified, our EMTs and paramedics are part of a larger countywide training division that schedules regular mandated training throughout the year.

S.W.A.T. Medics

In addition to responding to emergency medical calls for the public, San Bruno Fire Paramedics also respond as S.W.A.T. medics to support law enforcement throughout the county. These Tactical Paramedics train monthly and are activated about 30 to 50 times a year.