Test Proctoring

On an appointment basis only, the San Bruno Library offers test proctoring for paper and pencil tests. The Library does not proctor computerized tests nor international schools that require exams to be returned via physical mail.

In cases where the completed examination needs to be mailed back to the school, students will need to provide a large envelope and postage to mail the examination back if the school does not provide a pre-paid return envelope.  

Exam takers are not continuously monitored, but are checked by a staff proctor at least once every 15 minutes.

The Library does not have private rooms to take examinations. Examinations are held in the general public seating area during Library open hours. Therefore, the Library cannot guarantee that the seating area will be quiet.

Exam takers will need to bring a valid picture ID, along with the proctoring fee, at the time of the exam.

Exam takers should bring any required supplies (items such as calculators and pencils) that are not provided by the exam’s institution. 

Fees as of July 1, 2023: 
$81 for San Bruno residents
$108 for non-residents

The library accepts cash, personal checks and credit cards as forms of payment.

Contact the Library if you have any questions about our proctoring service or if you wish to make an appointment for proctoring.