San Bruno / Cherry Avenue Improvements

The intersection of San Bruno Avenue and Cherry Avenue is a busy major intersection located on the border between a residential neighborhood and business district. The Bayhill Shopping Center is located on the northwest corner of the intersection and there are freeway on/off ramps providing access to and from I-280 a quarter mile to the west. As traffic increases, the City recognizes the need to improve both operations and safety at the intersection for both pedestrians and vehicles.

South Linden Avenue & Scott Street Grade Separation Project

This project includes multi-faceted improvements to separate the Caltrain right-of-way (ROW) from vehicle and pedestrian ROW. At South Linden Avenue and Scott Street, a grade separation project would result in the train tracks being separated from the roadway and/or pedestrian/bicycle crossing.

For more information visit the South Linden Avenue and Scott Street Grade Separation page.