Water Conservation

Given the ongoing drought conditions, we ask that you please conserve water by choosing to use it wisely. Please do your part to conserve water.

Water Conservation Giveaways

Visit the Public Works Counter at San Bruno City Hall for free water saving giveaways!


Faucet Aerators

Replace your full flowing faucet aerators with low-flow aerators to reduce your water use while cooking dinner, brushing your teeth, and washing the dishes!

Faucet Aerator

Low-Flow Shower Heads

Conserve water in the shower! These low-flow shower heads use considerably less water than conventional shower heads.

Low-Flow Shower Head

5 Minute Shower Timers

Low-flow shower heads will be of little use in conserving water if you're taking 30 minute showers! These 5 minute timers will keep your showers quick and efficient!

5 Minute Shower Timer