Glenview Highlands

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Previous ProjectThe previous project, Glenview Terrace, received approvals from the city for 29 units in 2022. The subject site is in the process of being sold to the current developer. 

Project Description
The proposed project is comprised of three parcels, totaling 3.29-acres, on the corner of San Bruno Avenue and Glenview Drive, which will be merged into one parcel. The site formerly contained a gas station on San Bruno Avenue and a church on Glenview Drive. The gas station has been demolished and the church and parsonage will be demolished as part of the project. 

The developer, City Ventures, is proposing the construction of a multifamily development containing 58 residential units. A total of nine, three-story buildings are proposed to house the solar all-electric townhome-style condominium units. Each unit would have three bedrooms, and range in size, from approximately 1,400 SF to 1,720 SF. Each home would also have its own private garage, all of which will be pre-wired for EV charging. The project intends to leverage the site's unique topography to create a mix of homes, maintain the existing tree canopy and plant new trees, and create a small community garden with water saving features. 

Of the 58 residential units, a total of 6 homes would have ADA floor plans, 49 would be market rate homes, and 9 affordable homes would be allocated as follows: 3 homes for low-income families, and 6 homes for moderate income families. The project will require review and approval by the Architectural Review Committee and Planning Commission.
Land Use/Zoning
A portion of the site is zoned (P-D) Planned Development, and a portion is zoned R-1 (Single Family Residential)
Medium Density Residential General Plan Zoning Designation
Planning Approvals
Vesting Tentative Tract Map to merge the existing three lots into one, Architectural Review Permit to evaluate the project's compatibility with objective standards, and adoption of an Affordable Housing Agreement. 
2880 and 2890 San Bruno Avenue W, 850 and 860 Glenview Drive
58 townhome-style condominium units

On October 12, 2023, the developer formally submitted its Glenview Highlands project application. The city conducted its first completeness review and deemed the application material incomplete. 

On December 7, 2023, the developer resubmitted the project application for second completeness review. The city is currently conducting its second completeness review. The Glenview Highlands project will be schedule for a Public Hearing once the application is deemed complete and necessary environmental review is conducted. 

PlannerEliseo Amaya, Assistant Planner   |    650-616-7038    | 
DeveloperCalifornia Land Investments, LLC (City Ventures)
Project OwnerNew Shidai Development, LLC
Next StepsPresent the project application to the Architectural Review Committee at a scheduled public hearing.  

Glenview Highlands Conceptual Site Plan

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