Glenview Terrace

Glenview Terrace
Project Description
The project consists of 29 for-sale single-family dwelling units on the corner of San Bruno Avenue and Glenview Drive. The project site is 3.28 acres and consists of three parcels that will be merged into one parcel.  The site formerly contained a gas station on San Bruno Avenue and a church on Glenview Drive. The gas station has been demolished and the church and parsonage will be demolished as part of the project. Proposed home sizes range from 1,700 to 2,600 square feet in size and all 29 homes will be constructed with attached garages.  Amenities such as outdoor recreational open space and additional landscaping will be provided.  The project will require review by the Architectural Review Committee and Planning Commission, and to be approved by the City Council.
Land Use/Zoning
A portion of the site is zoned (P-D) Planned Development, and a portion is zoned R-1 (Single Family Residential)
Planning Approvals
General Plan Amendment to amend the entire site from high density residential and low density residential to medium density residential; Rezone the entire site from R-1/P-D to P-D, Vesting Tentative Tract Map to merge the existing three lots into one and to create 29 new single-family residential lots, Planned Development Permit, and Architectural Review Permit
2880 and 2890 San Bruno Avenue W, 850 and 860 Glenview Drive
29 Single Family Homes
An Initial Study/ Mitigated Negative Declaration has been prepared for the project and it is scheduled for Planning Commission review Q1 2022.
PlannerMichael Smith, Senior Planner| 650-616-7062 | 
DeveloperNew Shidai Development, LLC 

Environmental & Background Documents

Project Information