Overview & Key Project Goals

The Bayhill Specific Plan outlines a cohesive, long-term, community-driven vision for this key district, that is home to the largest cluster of offices in San Bruno, including headquarters of YouTube, as well as several other uses. Preparation of the Specific Plan will ensure that YouTube's campus expansion needs are integrated into an attractive setting that benefits Bayhill's other property owners, as well as the broader San Bruno community.

Project Description

San Bruno Virtual Education RoomThe Specific Plan is a regulatory long-range planning document that outlines a cohesive, long-term plan for the Project Site, which is home to the largest cluster of offices in San Bruno, including Walmart.com, the Police Credit Union, the headquarters of YouTube, and other commercial uses. The Specific Plan facilitates integrated development within the Project Site, including the Phase I Development. The City anticipates that adoption of the Specific Plan will result in further intensification of land uses beyond what currently exists today. The Specific Plan allows for the following land uses: commercial/retail, office, residential, hotel, civic (such as a library and/or community center), and open space. Actual development intensities/densities and permitted uses will be defined through the planning and environmental review process. New pedestrian and bicycle paths, as well as improvements to streetscapes, are included in the Specific Plan.

The Specific Plan includes the following components:

  • Land use designations
  • Development intensities/densities
  • Design standards and guidelines
  • Zoning and development regulations, i.e.:
    • Use regulations
    • Development standards
    • Streetscape and signage
    • Transportation demand management and parking
    • A community benefits program
  • Circulation and access improvements (i.e., streets, sidewalks, and trails)
  • Other improvements to public infrastructure (i.e., utilities)
  • An implementation plan and financing strategy

Project Location

The Project Site is located in the City of San Bruno within an approximately 92.2-acre area and is generally bounded by Interstate 280 to the west and Interstate 380 to the north, El Camino Real to the east (but exclusive of the properties fronting El Camino Real), and San Bruno Avenue West to the south from Interstate 280 to Elm Avenue. Existing development on the Project Site includes the Bayhill Office Park, which contains a total of about 1.6 million square feet of office space, the Bayhill Shopping Center, which consists of five buildings with a combined gross floor area of approximately 121,000 square feet, and an approximately 80,000-square foot hotel.