U.S. Navy Site Specific Plan

HyundaiThe U.S. Navy Site and Its Environs Specific Plan (Specific Plan) was developed through a community planning process and adopted by the City Council in January 2001. The Specific Plan has been amended four times, in 2001, 2005 and 2015 and 2023.

The Specific Plan provides the overall planning framework for the growth and redevelopment of the 52-acre Specific Plan Area emphasizing mixed-use transit oriented development. The Specific Plan includes detailed development standards and design guidelines for the 20-acre former U.S. Navy Site, now referred to as The Crossing. View relevant documents on this page.

Crossing Auto Dealership Site

The Crossing Hotel Site is the last undeveloped and vacant site located within The Crossing. The city has approved plans for the development of a Hyundai and Genesis car dealership.

Implementation - the Crossing

The Crossing is a 20-acre mixed-use master planned development, which is a landmark project that has received national attention for both its transit-oriented development characteristics and its potential to redefine the City of San Bruno. The project involved demolition of a former U.S. Naval administrative facility and installation of roads, utilities, open space, and a playground.

The Crossing development includes a total of 1,063 multifamily rental units in five buildings, including 228 affordable senior units and 97 other affordable units, a recreation center and commercial building. The last remaining undeveloped portion of The Crossing is a 1.5-acre vacant site designated for car dealerships.