Phase 2 (Complete)

  1. Housing Updates & Procedural Clarifications
  2. Zoning Code Map Amendments
  3. Public Meetings & Documents

Housing Updates & Procedural Clarifications

The City initiated the second phase of zoning code updates for the San Bruno Municipal Code to:

  • Align the City's land use regulations with the General Plan, Housing Element and Transit Corridors Plan (TCP)
  • Update provisions that are affected by the recent State housing law changes
  • Clarify administrative procedures related to the City's land use entitlement processes

The new ordinance allows:

  • Multifamily housing projects to be permitted in downtown San Bruno
  • One accessory dwelling unit and one junior accessory dwelling unit on lots with single-family zoning pursuant to State Law
  • Multiple ADUs on lots with existing multifamily structures pursuant to State Law. Either:
    • Up to 25% of the number of existing multifamily units in the building, but at least one unit, within the portions of the structure that are not used as livable space
    • Or up to two detached accessory dwelling units on a lot with an existing multifamily residential structure

The new ordinance requires:

  • Development projects in the TCP and Mixed-Use Districts to meet new development standards that regulate the building volume and massing and encourage high-quality, pedestrian-oriented design
  • Architectural Review permits for permitted land uses reviewed by the following decision-making bodies:
    • Community and Economic Development Director to review and approve Minor Façade Modification projects
    • Architectural Review Committee to review and approve Major Façade Modification projects and any project with six residential units or less and/or any proposed non-residential building of equal to or less than 10,000 square feet
    • Or Planning Commission to review and approve projects with greater than six residential units and/or for any proposed non-residential building size with more than 10,000 square feet. Other projects that are currently subject to the review and approval of a Use Permit will continue to be reviewed by the Planning Commission
  • Any new housing projects and condominium conversions of 5 or more units to dedicate 15% of total units to be affordable units and to be provided onsite (alternatives available if specific findings can be made)
  • Specific application materials and procedures for housing projects that elect to utilize the State Density Bonus, which allows up to a 50% increase in residential density depending on the project's affordable housing component; an up to 80% increase in residential density is available for 100% affordable projects
  • Use Permit application review and approval for any future condominium conversions

The ordinance applies to:

  • Brand new construction (for example, a new multi-family or commercial building)
  • Or Enlargements and/or modifications of existing buildings and land uses (for example, an addition to an existing retail building)
  • Or New condominium conversions
  • Or Changes of land use occupying existing buildings (for example, a change in use from retail to restaurant)

Amendments Summary

View the Zoning Code Amendments Summary Table (PDF).