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The City of San Bruno Recreation Division is seeking instructors to offer fun and exciting recreation and educational classes to participants of all ages. These programs take place in City parks, schools, community centers, and other locations.

If you are a school teacher, business owner, or have a special skill and you would like to teach adults or children, the City of San Bruno Recreation Division is the place for you. Partnering with the City can help your business grow and give you an opportunity to teach exciting programs to the community. Our department will advertise your class in our Activities Guide that is published online and emailed to 10,000 families, as well as take care of all communication, registrations, administrative duties, and payments.

2023 Class/Camp Season Dates Program Areas
Winter/Spring 2023
Information due September 30, 2022
(Starts 1/9-5/19)

Summer 2023
Information due February 1, 2023
(Starts 6/5 – 8/18)

Fall 2023
Information due June 1, 2023
(Starts 9/11-12/15)
 Adult Enrichment
Health & Fitness
Visual & Performing Arts
Youth Enrichment Grades K-12

Contract Class Proposal Form

  1. 2023 Class Proposal

    We are currently accepting proposal for the 2023 Winter Spring Season.

    Information due September 30, 2022.
    Season January 9-May 19, 2023.

    Please note, exact dates may differ depending on facility availability.

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  3. Remember to to consider the required $6 processing fee and your instructors percentage.

  4. For materials etc. The City does not keep a portion of this fee.

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