Stratford Preschool, 300 El Camino Real

Stratford Preschool
Stratford Preschool 2



Project Description

The project proposes to adaptively reuse the existing one story, 8,756 s.f. building (former Salvation Army retail facility) and parking area on a ½ acre site for a six-room preschool, 3,600 s.f. playground and 15 space parking lot to educate up to 144 students with 14 staff.     

Land Use/

General Plan Land Use Designation: Multi-Use - Residential Focus. 

Zoning: (MX-R) Multi Use - Residential Focus (preschools are a permitted use)

Planning Approvals

Architectural Review Permit


300 El Camino Real, San Bruno 
 (corner of Chapman Ave.)




The initial application was filed with the City on November 15, 2021 and an updated design set was resubmitted on February 22, 2022.  Once the project application is deemed complete by the City, it will be noticed for public hearing by the Architectural Review Committee which is anticipated in late Spring. 


Michael Smith, Senior Planner | 650-616-7062 |


Stratford School/Spring Education Group

Sean Morley | 408-475-5793 |