Short-Term Residential Rental (STRR)

What is a Short-Term Residential Rental (STRR)?

A STRR means the transient occupancy use of entire dwelling unit or a portion (such an individual bedroom or equivalent sleeping room of a dwelling unit to a guest for a rental period of less than thirty consecutive calendar days.

Are STRR's permitted in the City of San Bruno?

Yes, STRR's are permitted only in the following types of units for durations of less than thirty consecutive calendar days: 

  1. Hosted Unit– owner-occupied dwelling unit where at least one property owner physically occupies the unit as their sole primary residence. There is no maximum annual usage limit for utilization as a STRR.
    1. No more than three individual bedrooms may be rented at any given time.
  2. Non-Hosted Unit – an entire dwelling unit (three-bedroom max) may be utilized for STRR use subject to an annual usage limit of no more than 120 calendar days per calendar year.
  3. Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) – an existing ADU legally created before January 1, 2020 where the primary single-family dwelling unit is owner occupied may be utilized for STRR use subject to an annual usage limit of no more than 120 calendar days per calendar year. ADU's legally created after January 1, 2020 can only be rented for minimum of 30 consecutive days or longer. 

How To Become a STRR Host

Below are the three steps on how to become a host and to operate and maintain a STRR in San Bruno:

    1. Be the permanent resident – provide evidence of owner occupancy for the primary dwelling unit.
    2. Obtain a short-term residential rental zoning permit (STRR Permit Application Form)
    3. Register for a business license
    4. Have property liability insurance
    5. Resolve any code violations
    1. Property must be located and operated in a permitted type of unit – single-family, two-family or duplex or multiple-family dwelling unit
    2. Must be compliant with all city codes – inspection by building inspector and fire marshal required before issuance of permit (inspection required for bi-annual renewals).
    3. Must be compliant with all building and safety regulations – required smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a heating system in accordance with the California Building Standards Code.
    4. Must have approved fire safety and evacuation plan information posted – print and post signs approved by the city fire marshal inside the front door of the unit.
    1. Comply with annual rental duration limits and bedroom limits 
    2. Comply with all operational standards 
    3. Collect and remit all applicable city taxes – transient occupancy taxes (TOT) and business license taxes owed associated with the STRR. 
    4. Renew short-term residential rental zoning permit bi-annually – submit payment of the required permit renewal fee and renewal application form prior to the renewal date (December 31st of the year issued).
    5. Renew city issued business license annually

STRR Operational Standards

All STRR's in the City of San Bruno must comply with the following operational standards: 

  1. Advertising – All advertising for a STRR shall include the number of the permit granted for the use.
  2. Local contact information – provide a local contact person who shall be available 24/7 during non-hosted stays to accept any complaints and is required to respond within sixty minutes to complaints and be fully authorized to take remedial action to resolve such complaints.
  3. Special Events – parties, for-profit commercial uses, or corporate events on the property are prohibited.
  4. Noise – operation of the STRR unit must comply with the city noise ordinance.

Parking – no additional parking shall be required for STRR’s. Existing on-site parking spaces shall be made available for short-term rental occupants.


Please contact the Planning Division at or 650-616-7074.