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1. Do I have to replace my smoke alarm under the new smoke alarm law?
2. Where can I learn how to prepare for a disaster and/or learn CPR?
3. Does San Bruno Fire offer child car seat installation services?
4. How often are businesses inspected?
5. Does the Fire Department offer any training for my employees?
6. How do I get a City permit to operate my business?
7. Where do I submit plans for fire-related permit needs?
8. I've been told I need a special fire permit. How do I obtain it?
9. How long in advance do I need to request a Fire Department related inspection?
10. What are the most common violations noted during Fire Department inspections?
11. Who do I call when having my fire sprinkler or fire alarm systems tested?
12. My fire extinguisher is out of date or has been used. Does the Fire Department refill them?
13. My business has been asked by the Fire Department to obtain a Knox Box. How do I get one, and who has access to the box?
14. How do I report someone using their fireplace on a spare the air day?