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Transit Corridors Plan

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The San Bruno Transit Corridors Specific Plan (TCP), adopted in 2013, articulates the community's vision for revitalized commercial corridors in proximity to the San Bruno Avenue Caltrain Station. The vision includes exciting architecture and welcoming gateways, convenient transportation connections, pedestrian-oriented “green” streets, and more housing, jobs, shops, and restaurants, while maintaining a sense of the City's history.

The TCP includes development standards and design guidelines for property owners and developers wishing to redevelop private property within the TCP area. The TCP provides measures to ensure appropriate transitions with adjacent residential neighborhoods.

Implementation Actions

Measure N. On November 4, 2014, San Bruno voters approved Measure N, which relaxed restrictions on building height, residential density and above ground parking garages in the TCP area to achieve the desired character and scale of development along the corridors. Measure N allows buildings up to five stories on El Camino Real and San Bruno Avenue, four stories on San Mateo Avenue, and seven stories in the Station area.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (Walk n' Bike Plan). The Walk n' Bike Plan is being developed to improve conditions for pedestrians and bicyclists. The plan will recommend projects to make walking and biking in San Bruno safer, more comfortable and convenient. The City Council will consider the plan for approval in July 2016.

Streetscape Improvement Plan. The City has approved funding for this plan in the FY 2016-17 City Budget. The plan will address sidewalk landscaping, sidewalk furniture and lighting, bulbout installation, bus stop amenities, pavement materials for crosswalks, bike lanes, and open spaces.

Parking Management Plan. The City is pursuing grant funds to develop a plan to make better use of existing municipal parking facilities, parking meters and pricing, shared parking, unbundled parking, and evaluate the need and identify potential sites for a centrally located parking structure.