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Discover & Go ImageDiscover & Go provides San Bruno Library card holders with FREE or discounted passes to local museums and other cultural institutions. Make reservations online and print passes from home. Each Discover & Go pass expires immediately after the reservation date.

Patrons without Internet access can reserve and print out a pass at their local library.


Discover & Go Eligibility

You must have a valid San Bruno Library card (barcode on back of card must start with 29046) and PIN (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number).

If you have a library card from a different library within San Mateo County, check to see if your library is participating in Discover & Go.

Discover & Go Frequently Asked Questions

How does Discover & Go work?
In order to make a reservation, you must have a valid San Bruno Library card (barcode on back of card must start with 29046).

You can cancel a reservation only if you have not already viewed or printed the admission pass.

The pass is for use only by the person named and only on the date specified.

No photocopies are allowed. Valid ID is required.

Can I get free or discounted passes to any museum, zoo or other cultural institution through the library?
Free, or discounted passes, are available to a number of museums and cultural institutions. If you have a San Bruno Library card you can access the Library’s museum pass reservation system online at Discover & Go. The number of persons admitted per pass varies by venue. Consult the museum’s information page on Discover & Go regarding admission.

Are you limited to a certain number of museum pass reservations for the year?
Most venues do not have an annual limit per library card number; however, there are some venues that have placed a restriction on the number of times you can use a pass. You will find details about each pass within the venue information at Discover & Go.

Only two passes can be reserved/checked out a time. There is no limit on the total number of Discover & Go passes checked out for the year. However, each participating institution may limit the number of passes printed for that institution.

Can I cancel a reservation after I have viewed or printed the pass?
A pass cannot be cancelled once it has been viewed or printed. Please double check the date and venue for which you are making a reservation. Once a pass has been viewed it cannot be cancelled.

I cannot use the pass I printed, or I printed the wrong date. What do I do, just throw the pass away?
Once the pass has been viewed or printed it cannot be cancelled. Your reservation will remain active until the reservation date passes. Please read the venue offer completely as some institutions offer only one pass per year per library card.

How can I learn more?
View the detailed video about Discover & Go.