What are the criteria for approval?

The criteria to receive the grant are as follows:

  • Independently owned and operated in San Bruno and that is not dominant in its field of operation
  • Operating prior to March 16, 2020, and still operating in San Bruno
  • Has a valid San Bruno business license
  • Has suffered financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Attends a minimum of two (2) hours of ADA (Americans with Disability Act training provided by Good City Company)
  • 15 or less FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employees
  • Not a licensed alcohol or tobacco retail store

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1. What is the Small Business Post-Pandemic Recovery Grant Program?
2. What is the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center?
3. What can small business owners use the grant funding to pay for?
4. How much grant funding will be awarded to eligible applicants?
5. Will I have to pay the money back?
6. When will the application period open and close?
7. How can I apply?
8. What type of documentation will applicants be required to submit as part of the online application process?
9. Will I need to pay an application fee?
10. Will the application be available in languages other than English?
11. How many grants will be approved?
12. Can I apply twice for the same business?
13. How is the decision made about which business will be awarded grants?
14. Can I appeal the decision if I am deemed ineligible?
15. Can I finish an incomplete application after the deadline?
16. What are the criteria for approval?
17. What if my business meets eligibility requirements for all but one of the criteria?
18. What if I do not provide all the documentation required for a complete application?
19. What if I submit a complete eligible application, but I am not selected for funding?
20. Will my application and supporting documentation be kept confidential?
21. Who can I contact with questions?